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On 12th November 1990, Mr Michael Teo founded Nikkoya Sdn Bhd, a company manufacturing electrical transformers, with just a handful of employees. Through passion, and a commitment to its mission of being the premier manufacturer and exporter of transformers in the country, the company soon became one of the key players in the industry.
In 1995 the company name was changed to Transform Tech Industry (M) Sdn Bhd in order to reflect its core business. And in 2003 the name was changed to what today is known around the globe as Kyodensha Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd.
From its humble beginnings, Kyodensha Technologies has grown to become an ISO 9001 certified company with more than 65 employees on the payroll, and with a customer base covering several foreign countries including Singapore, Japan and Australia.
Today, Kyodensha Technologies has embraced a new mission: to become the premier security systems manufacturer in the country, exporting to numerous countries across the five continents. And with the same dedication that has driven their success over the years, the company looks set to achieving its mission yet again.


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