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IR‑TEC International was founded in 1982 by Mr. Alan Kuo, a former electronic engineer of RCA and current President of IR‑TEC International Ltd. As a pioneer of motion sensing technology in Taiwan, IR‑TEC has established a solid reputation as a trustworthy business identity by fulfilling its commitments to all stakeholders. With continuous research and development, IR‑TEC has created a wide range of occupancy/vacancy sensors (presence/absence detectors), daylight sensors, and power packs for energy efficient lighting control, HVAC control and building energy management.

Continuous Innovation
Powered by never ending innovation, IR‑TEC focuses on developing better, more efficient, and more user friendly products. Our goal is to provide a safer and more energy efficient solution for building control throughout the world.

Trustworthy Reliability
All IR‑TEC products are manufactured under ISO‑9001 quality management systems certified since 1996. Should any special services be required, we always commit ourselves to supporting our customers with all of our resources.

Human Technology
IR‑TEC is committed to always integrating human needs first concepts in all development and design of our products. We believe only the products developed with human needs first can touch the hearts of our customers.

Optimizing Efficiency
While many companies pursue never-ending efficiency improvements, IR‑TEC believes in optimizing efficiency in service and production to create the best quality products.

Highest Cooperation
The highest level of cooperation is a staple of the IR‑TEC commitment to its suppliers and customers. Maintaining quality long term relationships with both suppliers and customers is at the heart of the IR‑TEC business model. By achieving long term relationships with the highest quality suppliers IR‑TEC can in turn produce the highest quality products in the world for all of our customers.


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